Your IoT Concierge.

Most companies get too little from their IoT deployments, after spending too long & too much. Don't become one of them.

Bodh takes you from signing up to insights in two minutes. Without compromising on security, robustness or scale.

How it works


  • Reference designs
  • Code samples & libraries
  • CLI for flashing & provisioning with certificates


  • Connect securely via Websockets, MQTT or HTTPS
  • Integration with AWS IoT (Azure & SAP coming soon)


  • Auto-generated charts & dashboards
  • Full-fledged BI tool - analyse alongside your ERP data

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bodh?

On average, Bodh saves about 4 person months of effort while eliminating serious security errors.

How secure is it?

Device connectivity and certificates are managed through enterprise grade brokers by AWS, SAP and the like. Events are transported over encrypted HTTPS channels and stored in a database exposed, read-only, to the secure BI tool.

What's on the roadmap?

Bodh already solves the most critical challenges. There are a few add-ons we will release in the coming months.

  • Option to use Azure IoT or SAP IoT for connectivity.
  • Ability to publish messages to one or more devices.
  • OTA management including rolling releases and rollbacks.
  • Realtime anomaly detection and predictive analytics.
  • Ability to deploy your own analytics models.

What are my alternatives?

You could try and build the same workflow with AWS IoT or a similar cloud provider. There's also Thingsboard if you are willing to migrate fully to their way of doing things.

What do I get?

Once you sign up, you will have the option to use our hosted service or self-host Bodh yourself. You will also be able to:

  • Use the open-source Bodh CLI automate device flashing and provisioning.
  • Optionally, use our API to integrate with your existing workflows.
  • See device metrics automagically appear on your pre-configured dashboards.
  • Set up alerts to be notified on any condition you or we can express in SQL.
  • Grant role-based access to your teammates.
  • Bring data from your ERP or upload a CSV file for cross-analysis.